10 Ways to Reduce Stress

Hey guys! I’m here with more ways to reduce stress! A while back I did a podcast/blog post on relieving stress but I think it’s such an important topic that I’m back to give you more info. Stress is one of those things that we need to be intentional about managing. If we’re going to do our best work, we need to make sure that we are appropriately handling stress. Stress can build up in our lives and we need to be able to let go of it. The interesting thing about stress is that it can sneak up on us and, due to this sneakiness, I think it’s good to occasionally go through some of these stress relievers for good measure. Look, a little bit of stress can help motivate us to get work done and be productive. I know that sometimes I work best under pressure. The only thing is, I don’t want to be under pressure all the time. Too much stress is not good for our physical state, mental state, or our spiritual state. So, here we go, here are 10 ways to get rid of stress…

1. Take a break! It’s easy to get into go go go mode where you’re just always going. You kind of get into this “zone” where it’s all about getting the next thing on the checklist done. Slow down, and give yourself a break.

2. Make time to finish up those projects that you’ve started that keep weighing on you. I recently took a week off of my normal day job to simply get projects done around the house. If felt so good to get these things done!

3. Organize your space. No one likes working in a mess. Clean up the space around you and I can tell you that you will feel a lot better working in a clean and organized space.

4. Talk to someone about issues that are going on in your life. Some employers offer free counseling which might be what you need. Maybe you have a friend that is willing to listen. Maybe your spouse can help you. Maybe look to a person at your church for a good conversation. Maybe become part of a self help group that meets on a regular basis.

5. Exercise. There’s something about hitting the gym that just makes me feel so much better after a stressful day. I’m sure there’s science behind it, like the release of endorphins into the body, but for me, it really just helps me to let go of the stress that I’ve been holding onto all day.

6. Get a good night’s rest. This shouldn’t just be a once-in-a-while thing. This should be happening on a regular basis. For me, the thing that helps me get a good night’s rest is when I’m consistently waking up at the same time and going to sleep at the same time. Find a rhythm that works for you.

7. Take up healthy eating habits. You might ask yourself, what does eating have to do with stress? From personal experience, when I make poor eating choices I feel sluggish and tired because I have fed myself junk. This causes low levels of energy which in turn creates a feeling of unproductiveness which only adds to the stress.

8. Play disk golf! Woooohooooo! Ok, you don’t necessarily need to play disk golf but get out side and do something outdoors that you enjoy. Listen to the birds, feel the breeze, feel the warm sun on your face… There’s something about doing outside stuff that is relaxing for me and it helps me to relieve stress.

9. Coloring. I recently received a coloring book from a person that I work with. Yes, a coloring book. At first it made me chuckle to myself thinking that full grown adults would be coloring in a coloring book, but then I remembered how relaxing it was for me in my younger years when I would draw. Coloring and drawing are similar in many ways, they both allow a person to express themself and there’s something special that happens when people get to do art. I realize that coloring might not be classified as “art” but I think creating art and coloring have enough of the same components to be similar. Both of these things can create a sense of relaxation and can relive stress.

10. Do some meditation. Get into a quiet space. Maybe put some quiet, relaxing music on. Take some deep breaths and focus on relaxing.

I hope these tips are helpful! Keep being awesome and go kick some butt!