3D Exercising with Natalie Harris

Natalie Harris is Personal Trainer and Exercise Physiologist who works with people to help them achieve their physical goals. In this episode, Natalie talks with me about functional training and 3D exercising. She helps us to understand that the benefits of exercising go much further than just helping us physically. As she points out, exercising can also help us to grow mentally and spiritually. If you’re someone who is seeking growth in your life, this is a great episode to listen to.

Natalie and her friend Irina Whittlesey have recently started their own blog and podcast called The Versatile Athlete. These are two very educated individuals that have an incredible wealth of knowledge to share and are quite fun to listen to. On their blog and podcast Natalie and Irina will debunk fitness myths and provide new and exciting ways to doing fitness and viewing health. I’m really looking forward to hearing and reading the content that they come up with.

If you would like to learn more about hiring Natalie as a personal trainer she can be reached at Pro-Motion Functional Fitness in Yakima Washington. The office phone number there is (509) 452-4187.

Natalie Nobbs