Why Bad Days Are Good

Sometimes in life we must see the silver lining in the storm clouds that we experience. I believe that one of the ways that we can do this is by looking at the benefit of having bad days. We’ve all had those days when nothing seems to go right or we encounter what seems like insurmountable difficulties, those days where at the end of them we sigh in relief that they’re over. Maybe one of these days would look something like: you spill coffee on yourself when you’re getting in your car to go to work, traffic is backed up so you get to work late, it seems as though your client does everything in their power to make your job harder, you come down with some sort of stomach bug after lunch, you get everything from the store except what you went there for, and your spouse rinds you that the power bill was due last week and had you said you were going to take care of it but forgot. Ever have a day like that when it seems like nothing goes right? Or maybe you have experienced an incredible loss, such as the loss of a loved one, or the loss of a job, or felt the feeling of failure, or felt the feeling of hurt from the conflict with a loved one. I know you’ve had a day or even extended periods of time in your life when you experienced something like this. When it comes to these types of experiences, I’d like to encourage you to remember them, stop, take a minute, and reflect on how terrible they were. Even though it feels so good to forget about bad days I believe it’s important to not completely let go of these times. Why? Because we must know the bad days in order to know the good days. We must have experienced days that don’t go very well in order to appreciate days that do go well. If somehow every day was good we would become accustomed to good days, we would become numb to good days, and we would lose appreciation for how well things are going in our lives. I know this idea of remembering bad days in order to better appreciate good days can seem counter intuitive, but I believe that in remembering the difficult times the good times are that much better.

Recently, I had one of these bad days and at the end of this bad day I reflected on it with someone I love. Taking a moment to realize how bad it was allowed me appreciate not being immersed in the ugliness of the bad day any longer. It was over, gone, and behind me. I could now move on and focus on how great the present time was. It was because of this difficult time that I had that I was able to really enjoy, so immensely, the time after this rough day. I have a special type of appreciation for the difficult times that I’ve had in my life because it allows me to truly appreciate the times that I have that are wonderful. Remembering those hard times can make the good times that much richer.

If you want to get the most out of life and want to appreciate the good moments that you experience a little bit more, I urge you to occasionally take a moment to reflect on the difficult times that you’ve encountered. Remembering these hard times will help you to realize how much better life is now, how good you have it, and will allow you to enjoy life in a new light. The blessings in life are easier to count after going through a rough patch. So, I hope that you better appreciate those days when things go well: when you don’t spill the coffee, when traffic isn’t backed up, when you have good health, when you do remember what you needed at the store, and when you get to enjoy those special moments with the ones that you love. Don’t fear the bad times, embrace them as something that will help you to grow and will help you to live a happier and richer life.


Are you stopping and taking a moment to really appreciate your life?

Have you had some rough times in life that can remind you of how good you have it now?

Are you going through something difficult now that you can use to help you appreciate better times in the future?